Tyler Candle

Tyler Candles are simply the most fabulous frangrance line we've ever found, and we are sure you'll feel the same!  One time and you're hooked!  Tyler makes candles that come in 4 different sizes: votive, small, medium, and large. The different sizes allow for different burn times, ranging from 15 to 120 hours. Fragrance products from Tyler Candle Company are listed below.

When burning Tyler candles the wicks will develop a black “fragrance mushroom” which is caused by the high volume of fragrance oils, which make the candles so popular. The wick serves as a straw when burning, pulling the oil through the wax releasing the fragrance into the air as it burns. This “fragrance mushroom" is a constant reminder of their dedication to a superior quality candle.

Each candle is hand-poured ensuring even burning and maximum fragrance saturation. Tyler Candle Company hopes you enjoy their candles as much as they enjoy creating them.

Small jar candle(25 hours)-$7.00 each or buy three at $6.00 each
Medium jar candle(60 hours)-$13.00 each or buy three at $12.00 each

Large jar candle(120 hours)-$20.00 each or buy three at $18.50 each
Exclusive(250 hours)-$90 each and comes with a presentation box

Finials for medium jar candles-$24.00 large jar candles $28.00

Tyler Melter Pots-$16.95 Plug in mini crock pot for Mixer Melts

Mixer Melts(15 hours)-$2.35 each or three for $2.00

Autoglam Car Fragrance-$2.00 each

Glamour Wash 4oz small-$6.00, 16oz medium-$18.00, 32oz large-$27.00, 1 gallon extra large-$85.00

Glamorous Dryer Sachet(box of four)-$10.00 *Also great for drawers!

Glamorous Reed Diffuser-$40 and includes one bottle of oil
Glamour Reed Refills-$18 *Lasts three to five months

Fragrance Effusion Lamp-$55 including oil, wick, and funnel

Fragrance Fuel 8oz-$8.95 16oz-$12.95 * Works with all effusion lamps

*NEW*Luxury Hand Lotion-$12.95

*NEW*Luxury Hand Wash-$9.95

New 2010 Fragrances

Upgrade and Fearless for Spring

Butter Me Up and Cabin Fever for Fall! (coming soon)


Baby Doll - Soft Nude - That unmistakable baby fresh scent from the infamous pink baby lotion! Proclaimed for years as the "#1 choice of hospitals"! Need we say More!

Hard 2 Handle - Beverly Hills Gold - Tuberose & Jasmine lay over Sandalwood & warm notes of Vanilla to Create an unimistakable fragrance! Often mistaken for being difficult the inspriration for this fragrance simply allow themselves luxury in their everyday lives!

Major League - Antique Gold - A masculine blend of Sandalwood, Musk & Patchouli bursting with freshness and clarity of crisp citrus and brisk herbs. Classic yet commanding!

Vignette - White - This fragrance harmony is expressed through three pulsations; pink floral, soft amber, and voluptuous woods. It develops quickly, rounding out into the warm tones, dusted in a soft, velvety sensuality!


24K - Golden - Rich currants with green undertones. A Hollywood favorite!!!

2Spoiled - Pale Gold -A complex dramatic blend of over 350 rare escences! Created for those who have everything their heart desires!

Americana - Red/White/Blue - Apple orchard, vanilla ice cream, & blueberry cobbler…. Truly All-American!

Apple Orchard - Red - A crisp, tart blend of apple, apricot and pear with hints of lime and fresh cut grass!

Beach Blonde - Pale Yellow -A crisp invigorating scent reminiscent of sand, warm suntan oil & sea mist.

Birthday Cake - White/Pink - Rich pound cake fresh from the oven, topped with tons of icing!

Blueberry Blitz - Cream - Overload on blueberries, tart and invigorating!

Butter Vanilla - Pale Yellow - Rich creamy butter cake mixed with the sweetness of vanilla. Please don't lick the jar!

Cashmere Elegance - Princess Pink - Unpredictable and unique, the essence of femininity and privilege! Peony is richly drenched with Rose De Mal. Kandalwood, Vanilla, and Cashmere Woods combine to create a regal experience.

Cathedral - Creamy White - Surround yourself in the deep rich aroma of bergamot and incense. It is warm, velvety, and woody yet slightly sweet. Due to the overwhelming requests for this grandeur fragrance, it is once again attainable!

Celebrity - Platinum White - A sweet exotic, warm & spicy fragrance that quickly envelops & creates a mood of excess!

Chateau - Lavender - French lavender from the hills of Provence.

Cinnabuns - Light Tan - Sweet cinnamon rolls straight from the oven!

Cowboy - Leather - Nearly decadent in its sensuality, loaded with the rugged aroma of leather.

Cucumber Melon - Lime/Pale Pink - Fresh cut melon melded with crisp cucumber-great for summer!

Cuddle - Cashmere Gray - Awaken memories of perfect nights held close by the one you love nestled in front of a hot fire! Vanilla and smoldering embers combine with amber, vetiver, and musk to creat the most comforting, cozy atmosphere in your home. Create the feeling of a cozy evening spent by a warm fire.

Diva - Ecru - A warm and complex fragrance overflowing with delicious fruits and rich florals. Rich aromatic chocolate & amber complete this luscious blend!!

Dolce Vita - White - Full-bodied Tea & bergamot begin the temptation! Saboc, jasmine, orchid, freesia & patchouli come together to create the power to make everything seem more positive.

Drama - Gold -Rich vetiver, sensual jsamine, & feminine ylang ylang create an aromatic feast.

Elevate - Burnt Gold - Deep sweet fig intertwined with plum & bergamot with an undertone of sandalwood.

English Ivy - Light Sage - Blooming florals on a bed of english ivy.

Envay - Steel - Blend of Italian Bergamot, Braxilian orange & galbanum begin the captivation. Masculine patchouli, amber & velvet musk.

Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus - Fresh, crisp and clean, very uplifting. Very refreshing, almost medicinal!

Fleur De Lis - Off White - Tart pomegranates create the mysterious heart of this amazing fragrance, the sun-kissed feel wrapped in the exotic lushness of faraway lands.

French Market - Cream - Fresh floral with notes of gardenia & tuberose, extremely unique!

French Vanilla Oak - Deepest Taupe - Light camphor notes atop a warm, sensual blend of creamy vanilla, soft amber, cedarwood, & sandalwood!

Gardenia - Pale Yellow - Pure white gardenia captures the innocence of springtime!

Girly Girl - Lavender - Starts bashful, sweet & slightly innocent. Quickly becomes brisk & faulously flirtatious!

Glamtastic - Off White w/Blackberry Swirl -Rich blackberry unites with the glamorous pomegranate to create luxurious bliss! Delicious vanilla with a minute mount of lilac seduces and warms the imagination!

Glazed - Doughnut - Warm, right off the line! Sweet Original Glazed doughnuts so amazing once you try them your hooked for the rest of your life!! Some people have been even known to dream of them! With 12 grams of fat and 200 calories each, it is much smarter to enjoy them in the candle version!!!!

Goldleaves - White - Jasmine, hyacinth & exotic lily of the valley meld with a background of moss & musk to create an elaborate feast for the senses.

Head Over Heals - Lipstick Red - Driven by the desire to obtain the complete contrast to subtly! An oriental harmony begins with mandarin, jasmine & vanilla complete.

High Maintenance - Khaki - Floral, woody blend combined with patchouli & vanilla with a heavy musk undertone!

High Profile - Off White - Lemon is infused with tuberose, gardenia & jasmine to release an explosion of life!

Hippie Chick - Avocado - Hint of vanilla bean melds with rich exotic patchouli.

Hollywood - Pale Gold - Adjust your glam meter with this Fabulous Fragrance! So many exqusite aroma levels it is sure to be an instant hit!

Icon - Pale Gold - An invigorating, fresh fragrance as legendary as the leading man who wears it! Spicy, sporty, original, and truly unforgettable! Notes of sandalwood blend with ambergris, violet leaves, French verbena, and Floentine iris to create the ultimate aromasensory experience!

Indulge - Brown Suger - Rich brown sugar layered between sweet applesauce & tart apples. Sprikled with cinnamon & clove to complete this irresistable delight.

Intense - Gold - A provocative masculine scent, mysterious & powerful, yet slightly youthful & naïve!

Ira Jean - Soft Aster -Beautiful floral bouquet of Jasmine & Rose, combines with Musk & Sandalwood. This truly captivating fragrance is then topped with a blend of fruity notes of Pineapple, Raspberry, & Peach.

Kathina - Ruby Red - Sensual lily of the valley intertwined with citrus & rose.

Lavish - Champagne - A beautiful floral bouquet with jasmine, lily of the valley, peony & honeysuckle.

Limelight - Chartreuse - This invitingly clean, fresh fusion of pure mandarin oranges with a shocking touch of lime as a top note, a slight undertone of rich vanilla bean oil gives this a unique twist.

Lipstick/Pomegranate - Red - Gourmet berry fragrance with a hint of sweet strawberry and tartness of pomegranates!

Mango Tango - Mango - Rich mango, sweet papaya & tart quava create this luscious fragrance!

Mediterranean Fig - Blush - Sun baked Italian figs mixed with a hint of sandalwood & musk.

Miss Priss - Pink - Supremely Sophisticated! Rich florals lay over amber to create the ultimate luxury!

Mulberry - Burgandy - Moments Very Victorian! Imagine sitting in the midst of a mulberry garden!

Mulled Cider - Cider - Rich apples blended with a dash of citrus, cinnamon & clove.

Orange Vanilla - Golden Yellow - Pure orange & rich vanilla bean blend together with a hint of spice to create an invitingly clean year round favorite!

Original - Celadon - Roses, vetiver, lavender & spice with a hint of patchouli. Very old world!

Panache/Tyler - Camilla Sage - Bursting with the medley of currant & grapefruit. A dash of green undertones adds an opulent twist!

Paris - Antique Gold - An exquisite blend of bergamot, rose & wild berries.

Passion - Pale Pink - Strawberries sprinkled with vanilla and coconut smothered in whipped cream!

Patchouli - Cream - A rich and exotic blend of herbs and spices… Quick to capture your senses and transcend you to the mysterious Far East.

Peachy King - Pale Peach - Your mouth will water with this sweet and juicy fragrance! Ripe peaches fit for royalty!

Pearberry - Berry Red/Lime - Tart ripe pears drenched in a mixed berry sauce!

Pineapple Crush - Pineapple - A tantalizing burst of fresh sweet pineapple! Truly mouthwatering!!

PMS - Chocolate - Fresh baked chocolate cake! Coconut shavings on top give it a unique added sweetness!

Prestige - Glided - The sweet smell of jasmine & rose will enchant and delight ! Followed with the dramatic sandalwood, vanilla cedar & musk to captivate & seduce!

Princess - White - The heart of this fragrance is earthy white flowers grounded in deep moss.

Pristine - White - An invitingly clean, supremely luxurious fresh fragrance~ Fresh linen, cool & invigorating.

RoughNRugged/Texan - Earth Brown - Very masculine, yet fresh and outdoorsy! A rich blend of vetiver, wood, tobacco & spice makes this amazing fragrane a celebration of the rugged Texas Cowboy!

Sheer Rain - Deep Sage - Shockingly clean! A very overpowering fresh scent- will cover any odor!

Snickerdoodles - Vanilla - This fragrance combines rich butter cream with cinnamon, vanilla & a touch of coconut and pecans.

Stardom - Glisten Gold - Created for the young at heart! This beautiful fragrance begins with top notes of mouthwatering watermelon, mandarin, and pink passion fruit. Heart notes of tuberose and sophisticated princess lily lay over marigold and green apple. Base notes of caramel creme brulee and vanilla meld with elegant precious woods and patchouli.

Sugarbaby - Powder White - Innocent & sweet! Sugarcane with a kiss of raw vanilla, sweet milk & cream undertones complete this impeccable fragrance!

Superstar - White - A comlex floral blend. Legendary among the famous, the fabulous, and the fashionable!

Terrazzo - Olive - Transport yourself to an Italian garden! Italian citron, bergamot, & Italian mandarin meld over Iris and musk with grapefruit and sweet sun dried tomato leaves.

Thornapple - Golden Amber - Intense applewood melds with decadent vetiver to begin this spellbinding fragrance! Its clean bouquet then submits a sweet surrender to oakmoss, and patchouli!

TwentyFourSevenGLAM - Apollo Gold - Voloptuous vetiver, vanilla & heliotrope combined with violet & jasmine make up the heart of this creation, then mandarin, succulent peaches & green ivy complete the soul!

Tyler Roses - Pink - Known all over the world for its prize roses, this is the only fragrance worthy of the name-Tyler Rose!

Vanilla Ice Cream Macadamia - Cream - Rich vanilla ice cream dusted with macadamia nuts and almonds!

Vanilla Rumba - Cream - Rich Vanilla with a twist of rum!! The crème de la crème of vanilla candles!

VIP - Cream - Bold mandarin & decadent Brazilian oranges swirl with Italian Bergamot to build & intensify a frenzy for the elite! Sage, ylang ylang, cedarwood inspire an upscale undertone!

Warm Cinnamon - Cream - Everything reminds you of home sweet home! Warm, spicy and inviting!!!

Warm Sugar Cookie - Cream - Rich sugar cookies baking in the oven with zero fat grams!

Wisteria Lane - White - Classic peony & feminine lily of the valley blend to create a powerful debut! Indian jasmine melds with a fresh burst of fruit to surprise and delight!!! Precious woods, soft musk & rich amber tones create a mysterious finale!


Cathedral - Creamy White - Surround yourself in the deep rich aroma of bergamot and incense. It is warm, velvety, and woody yet slightly sweet. Due to the overwhelming requests for this grandeur fragrance, it is once again attainable!

Cuddle - Cashmere Gray - Awaken memories of perfect nights held close by the one you love nestled in front of a hot fire! Vanilla and smoldering embers combine with amber, vetiver, and musk to creat the most comforting, cozy atmosphere in your home. Create the feeling of a cozy evening spent by a warm fire.

Homecoming - Golden Amber - Memories come to mind of falling leaves, football games, and family gatherings. Spiced orange and cinnamon are combined with allspice to complete this warm and inviting fragrance.

Kaffe - Caremel - An edible indulgence! Strong coffee enriched with sweet caramel. Ultimately a warm inviting aroma bleded with creamy vanilla!

Pumpkin Spice - Pumpkin - Pumpkins simmered with ginger & cloves and a dash of nutmeg completes this giving fragrance.

A Christmas Tradition - Red - A tantalizing blend of oranges, apricots & tangerines smothered with ginger, clove & cinnamon. A true smell of christmas.

Candy Cane - Red/White/Red - Remember the minty sweetness of your first candy cane? Relive the moment with this great peppermint candle.

Christmas Cheer - Red/White/Green - A three layered delight! First Savor "A Christmas Tradition" which then melts and blends with French Vanilla, which layer over and blends with Warm Cinnamon.

Eggnog - Cream - Rich eggnog dusted with nutmeg!

Frosted Pomegranate - Pomegranate Red - Pomegranate with hints of cranberry begin this frosty feast. Mint & Green tea adds a unique twist, a frosting of vanilla completes this fragrance.

Holiday - Cranberry Red - Tart cranberries swirled with sweet juicy mandrain oranges topped with a bottle of chilled champagne! A true celebration of holiday!

Seasons Greetings - Burgundy - Mulberry smoothered in orange puree and allspice!

Vintage - Vintage White - Rememberance of freshly cut trees from christmas past. The Basil blend with Eucalyptus and White Cedars are sure to refresh the ambiance. Crisp yet clean with a hint of Vanilla and Moss invite you to reminisce.

Sour Cream Coffee Cake - Cinnamon Tan - Tart sour cream, rich cinnamon and brown sugar create this warm aroma treat.